Interview with Dinesh Varadharajan, Co-Creator of KiSSFLOW


What is your product and what does it do?  KiSSFLOW is cloud workflow software designed to work along with the Google Apps Suite. Using the KiSSFLOW workflow management software, you can design your organization’s workflow process in a matter of minutes, and the automated workflow can then be used by members of your organization immediately. The KiSSFLOW workflow tool offers ... Read More »

Can You Save on Your Tax Bill With a Patent Box?


Many start-ups are keen to save money on their taxes. Why would you want to pay more tax than necessary? In the early days of any company, conserving cash and boosting profits is the way to go. No one wants to spend unnecessarily. Did you know that you can save money on your corporation tax by using the patent box ... Read More »

Finding a Company Culture That Fits Your Personality

Finding a Company Culture That Fits Your Personality

Coming out of University and finding the job that’s right for you straight away is never an easy task. As well as the primary concerns such as pay standards, holiday allowances and job satisfaction, it’s extremely important that you are doing a bit of research on the various companies you’re applying to from a culture perspective. The problem of cultural ... Read More »

What you need to know about health and safety when starting up a business

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 12.36.56

Health and safety can be one of the most daunting aspects of starting up a new business. After all, the stakes are high. Failures can result in potentially serious accidents, and then there are the legal pitfalls to consider. However, as long as you’re methodical in your approach to managing safety risks, you should find the process to be straightforward. ... Read More »

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