If you have been charged with a criminal offense, it is important that you hire a criminal defense attorney. You can go through the court processes on your own, but the chances of winning the case are slim. A good criminal lawyer will help lower the charges or have the case against you withdrawn completely. Here are major reasons why you should seek representation by a Criminal Defense Attorney Portland.

The Law is Complicated

Understanding the law is complex and it keeps on changing. Pursuing a case without solid criminal representation can be a very arduous and long process. The law is very complicated and with multiple interpretations, it is nearly impossible for the average person to navigate the legal process successfully on their own. If you do not fully understand the law and the charges brought against you may find end up incriminating yourself in the process. It takes years of practice for a lawyer to become a good criminal lawyer. The attorney understands the in’s and the outs of the legal process, court procedures and state statutes. If you are going to represent yourself in a criminal matter, you would need to know the state Criminal Code, the Criminal Procedure Act, the Evidence Act, the Crimes Act, the Road Traffic Act, and the Sentencing Act. Another overlooked value proposition is that a good criminal lawyer will have relationships with state prosecutors.

High Cost

You probably think that hiring a criminal defense attorney is costly. What can be more costly is not hiring one. If the evidence suggests guilt, a good lawyer can and will negotiate a plea deal decreasing the fines, and jail time lessened. Without a lawyer’s advice on court procedures, you may miss necessary deadlines or files, which can cost you in the long term.

Presenting the Evidence

If the case heads to trial, you will need a lawyer with court experience. One who has the knowledge and expertise of being a good litigator. He will have to handle and present evidence, cross-examine witnesses, conduct interviews, take the facts of a case and dissect them, be a great storyteller, and prepare compelling closing statements. The rules of evidence are complicated, for example when cross-examining a witness there are certain techniques that the only experience in the courtroom gives you. Additionally, without the legal knowledge, you may not know if the evidence was falsely or improperly obtained. A good and experienced criminal lawyer knows how and when to challenge a piece of evidence in your favor. Proper handling of the evidence might influence the outcome of the case in your favor.

Follow And Speed Up The Process

A lawyer knows the whole court process. He will help file all your paperwork and follow other court procedures. Every court processed is strictly followed and if you do not do it well, you will end up costing you. All these legal hurdles and bottleneck procedures can be disadvantageous if you do not have any legal representation. Additionally, the attorney will take over your case and speed it up. This means you can go on with your daily activities. This makes the process as painless as possible.

Bail Application

After you have been arrested, you will be detained while awaiting your case to be heard and determined. However, you can post bail while proceeding with your case. Therefore, you may need a lawyer to help you with the bail bond process. Otherwise, you will remain in custody until the full hearing and the ruling of your case.

Identify The Shortcomings Of The Opponent

A good criminal defense lawyer will identify the mistakes and the shortcomings of the opponent’s case. Such mistakes are, for instance, the opponents providing inadmissible evidence. Additionally, your lawyer knows how to communicate with the opponent without giving out any information or incriminating yourself.

If you are handling your criminal case without a criminal defense, chances are that you will get undesirable outcomes. Using a professional lawyer, will up your chances for a more successful outcome.