A Useful Guide for Entrepreneurs Setting Up a Business

I started a my first business aged 22 at university. I thought I should document my experiences and lessons, as a guide and discussion board for students and entrepreneurs.

This start up series will be a short four part series, covering from starting to closing, and finally transforming a business in to something new. At the end of the series I will also have some guests entrepreneurs writing about their own experiences.

I will be delighted to read your thought and questions.

Series one, part 1 of 4 – This first part of the startup series begins by helping you devise a startup plan for your business idea: researching the need for your product or service, identifying your potential target audience and finding your unique selling point (USP)

Series one, part 2 of 4 – In the second part, we discuss getting your potential investors interested in your business startup idea, how to formulate a compelling argument for your product or service and how you can deliver a winning presentation pitch to secure funding.

Series one, part 3 of 4 – The third part of our series outlines some of the essential activities that prepare for your first day of work such as  advertising job roles within the business.  We offer advice to ensure your interview process is efficient and effective and we look at the importance of defining your company vision and how to set targets and goals that will achieve this.

Series one, part 4 of 4 – In the final instalment, we offer advice on the day to day running of your business, good routines such as setting a weekly business plan, having financial monthly reviews and using SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely)