Take a look at our homepage and it is easy to see some trends developing. We here at Startup Magazine love to follow the latest developments from the startup landscape, and there have been some interesting developments lately.

Fintech and healthcare startups generate a lot of attention. These trends are not only shaping the startup landscape as a whole, but they also illustrate potential new markets that new startups can explore. Here are some of the most interesting trends from the startup scene you wouldn’t want to miss.


Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are creating a buzz. Bitcoin just broke the $4,000 ceiling and continues to hit new highs. Other cryptocurrencies including X11 and Ethereum are attracting more investors as well.

The really interesting part of the cryptocurrency market, however, is its mining business. Many startups are starting to diversify into cryptocurrency mining as an additional source of income. New companies are being established for the same purpose.

It used to be difficult to enter the cryptocurrency mining industry. A substantial initial investment is needed for a mining operation to be profitable enough. Today, however, everything can be done in the cloud without actual hardware investment creating an entry barrier.

We even have service providers such as Genesis Mining providing access to mining hardware and capable cloud computing ecosystem for the purpose. To make it even better, mining software can now automatically mine the most profitable cryptocurrency and maximize profits.


Fintech is still very popular. New startups are disrupting the financial market and changing the way we do financial transactions. Even mainstream banks and major financial institutions are turning to financial technology to refresh their services and remain competitive.

The next big thing, however, is edutech. Startups are changing the market with new solutions and better learning methods. Universities now make their online courses more available. Solutions designed to help everyone learn new things are being introduced.

Degreed, for example, is working with companies in filling the gap in their workforce. Training and courses are now designed specifically to plug skill gaps, allowing corporations to optimize their biggest assets – the employees – for maximum effectiveness.

Support Services

The last trend that you definitely need to know is the rapid growth of the support service industry. The more startups try to remain lean, the higher the demand for good third-party service providers. Support services are no longer limited to cloud computing and cloud-based solutions.

New startups are aiming to provide managerial services. Others are focusing on human resources and marketing. You can start an entire company and have a working set of departments without having to hire a lot of employees or maintain a big office. Everything can be outsourced and the service providers that provide such services are the next big thing.

These are only some of the trends developing in the startup scene, but they are definitely new trends you don’t want to miss. If you’re looking for the next booming market to explore, these are the markets to look into.